Our Team

Meet the people who care for your pets

Our diverse and skilled team of pet care and grooming experts, many of whom are pet owners themselves, will care for your pet as if he or she is their own! We’re never afraid to go the extra mile for your pet’s well-being!

All full time ALC staff are certified in pet CPR and first aid!

Adrienne, Owner/Operator
Adrienne first came to know ALC as a Carroll Gardens resident and dog owner and later spent several years managing operations while juggling an editorial career. Her love for the dogs and cats of Brooklyn — and for their people — made for a happy transition into a full commitment to the business when she formally took the reigns in 2017. She was a finalist for Pet Industry Woman of the Year in 2018. Adrienne lives with her husband and  rescue pup, Gladys.





Jenny joined ALC in 2016 as she finished her bachelor’s degree in business management from CUNY College of Staten Island. Jenny grew up with a love of animals and always knew that she would pursue a career in animal care. Previously she worked at a larger doggy daycare in south Brooklyn and came to ALC in search of an environment that would allow her to connect more personally with each dog and owner. 

John, a proud Bostonian, originally started working with animals to deepen the relationship he had with his own dog. After studying canine behavior and psychology he became a certified dog trainer. When he moved to Brooklyn it was deeply important to him that he get to continue working with animals and in late 2015 officially joined ALC. Admittedly, he is beagle obsessed. You can join John and an array of puppies at our monthly puppy socials!

As a teen, Tamaki adopted a dog named Taro who was aggressive, fearful, and difficult to handle. To help him, she began to study canine behavior and psychology and the methods she learned drastically improved Taro’s behavior. She now uses these skills to help train the dog walkers at ALC. In 2010, Tama earned a Basic Canine Trainer certificate. She continues her education via an apprenticeship with Urban K-9 and the Catch Canine Trainers Academy Master Course.


Corinne is a Brooklyn native who grew up with a brother who liked to bring strays home for the family to nurse back to health. She has dog and cat sat for years, and is aunt to many of her friend’s dogs. A writer and editor during the week, you can find her tending the ALC storefront on the weekends, because who doesn’t want to spend their Saturdays and Sundays with a host of furry friends covering you with kisses and unconditional love?

David joined the ALC walking team in summer of 2018 after spending years looking after neighbor’s and friends and family pets while they were out of town. He has a tremendous heart for animals of all kinds and also enjoy music and photography in his free time. David is currently attending college in Brooklyn.

Destiny grew up with animals from a young age as her mother was a veterinary technician. She knew she, too, wanted to work with animals since the age of six. Destiny is currently in college with a track to study veterinary medicine. She loves working with the daycare pups at ALC because she “get[s] to meet dogs of all breeds with all different personalities and I love them all!”

Douglas began working as an ALC dog walker in early summer of 2018, but spent years professionally walking dogs in downtown Manhattan before that. On Sept. 11th, he was walking when the towers fell and spent the day rounding up all his clients’ dogs and getting them to safe havens out of the area until he could reach their owners. Douglas is a native New Yorker and grew up in a house full of cats and dogs as well as six siblings! 

Gabby joined ALC in spring of 2017 after apprenticing and working with a senior groomer in salons in Brooklyn and the Bronx. Gabby quickly became a master at handling dogs and cats who have anxiety with grooming. She is a music lover and is often seen singing and dancing with the pets she grooms. She is Pet CPR certified.

Hiroko came to Brooklyn after completing graduate school in London and since 2014 has been one of our most popular cat sitters. Having a cat with diabetes herself, Hiroko understands that cats are part of the family and takes pride in providing owners the confidence of knowing their cats are getting the best possible care.

Ismael was born in Quito, Ecuador, where he grew up surrounded by dogs; at one point his family owned 12! He also had a cat, fish, a parrot and two turtles. After college, Ismael explored other work before joining a big pet company, and finally landed with ALC. Now, he says, “I couldn’t imagine myself doing something not related to pet care.” 

Brooklyn born and raised, Justin joined the ALC dog walking team in Spring 2018. An animal lover as far back as he can remember, Justin has found it incredibly rewarding to walk with and get to know the unique personalities of each dog in his charge. His loyal cat Lun,a whom he found abandoned after Hurricane Sandy in 2012, every day questions where Justin has been all day and why he smells like dogs!

Junko joined the ALC team in 2014. She has spent her life devoted to caring for other people’s cats as well as her own three. She often fosters others. Junko cherishes the opportunity to create new relationships with each cat she meets. Her lifelong hobby has been photography and she enjoys getting to send owners beautifully photographed updates while they are away.

Lexa is a self-proclaimed “crazy dog mom,” obsessed with her maltese, Casper, who motivated her to do work that would help dogs in some way. “As a groomer, I provide valuable health-related services and can build meaningful relationships with the pets and owner,” she says. Lexa did her grooming apprenticeship at ALC via Animal Behavioral College and is now a certified groomer.

Miyuki is a graduate of Yokohama Trimming School in Japan. She returned to her career as a professional dog groomer in 2014 at ALC. After working a series of jobs that proved to be unfulfilling she understood that her passion was helping animals to achieve their most fabulous looks! Miyuki is known as Brooklyn’s premier doodle groomer for all of the fabulous doodle breeds in our hood.

Mie is a graduate of the New York School of Grooming, class of 2008. Mie has been an integral part of ALC since 2008. On top of being an all-star groomer Mie is also an avid marathoner and a loyal member of a running team in Manhattan. “The best part of my day is seeing how happy both owner and pup are after the groom is done.”

Rika, a graduate of Shukutoku College with a degree in social welfare, joined ALC as a dog walker in 2017 and has enjoyed building trust with each of her regular clients. Devoting everything she has to providing a happy and safe experience for each pup she walks, Rika is extremely thankful to be a valued part of the ALC team.

Ruby is a bubbly and warm personality always eager to greet our human and pup clients. She has a strong love for animals and pet sat and dog walked for neighbors and friends for many years before joining ALC. Ruby has a young daughter who also shares her animal obsession and together they enjoy watching dog and kitty videos.

Saabria joined ALC as a student intern – studying Animal Behavior as well as Ecology and Conservation – and after showing great strength in her handling skills was brought on as a member of our daycare team. Saabria can be found playing with the daycare pups and has loved getting to know all of their different personalities!

Savannah came to ALC as a student intern where she quickly showed her ability to wrangle the pack while offering plenty of hugs and kisses. Savannah is a Brooklyn native who has spent lots of time around kids and volunteering with youth groups — making her a natural at handling the kindergarten qualities of dogs at play!

True to her name, Sunny is a bright star of ALC’s storefront. She is of Sri Lankan descent, but grew up most of life in Hong Kong and moved to New York in 2016 to study in the United States. She is attending Pace University with a focus on drama. Sunny had two dalmations in Hong Kong and thinks “dogs are the cutest things in the world.” She loves the sense of community that working at ALC has brought her.

Xiomara “Z” is the youngest member of the ALC team, but her passion, team-spirit, and knowledge of dogs of all sizes and shapes make her a strong asset. Her favorite breeds are bulldogs and great danes. On working at ALC, she says “we’re taking in client’s dogs and treating them as our own, giving all the possible love and care we can give. It’s so fun to be with the big furry group!”