Behavior Assessments

Behavior Assessments

We are always happy to welcome a new furry friend to our pack, but we want to make sure that each dog that enters our facility is set up for success. This is done by starting every new daycare and boarding dog with an evaluation.

Daycare Evaluations

Owners hoping to sign their dog up for doggy daycare should schedule a date to drop their dog off for at least two-three hours. This should be done on a day when you have flexibility to pick up if your dog does not meet our standards for daycare. While the dog is in our care we will slowly introduce them to the pack. They will get to play in both our indoor and outdoor areas so we can gauge how they assimilate into the daily routine of daycare. We look to see if your dog is friendly with other dogs (both large and small) and if he responds well to our staff members. At the end of the visit, we will let you how your dog behaved. Dogs assimilating well are welcome to stay for a full day on their trial day. Once your dog passes our evaluation, we will confirm that he or she is able to return in the future as often as you need!

A two-three hour evaluation is $20; if you choose to have your pet stay longer, you will be charged a full or half day rate. See our daycare page for more info.

Boarding Evaluations

If you would like your dog to stay overnight with us, we will need to meet your pup first for an overnight trial in our facility. This serves a few purposes: First, your dog will become familiar with our our environment, routine, and staff, which generally helps them to feel more comfortable once they come to stay for a longer period. Secondly, it allows us to determine your dog’s ability to acclimate to our style of open boarding. Because we are in a residential building, we strive to be courteous to our neighbors and need to make sure that your pet will sleep comfortably and politely at nighttime.

For boarding evaluations we charge a nominal fee to compensate the staff member your dog will be staying with. For more info on boarding and rates visit our boarding page.