Behavior Assessments

Behavior Assessments

We are always happy to welcome a new furry friend to our pack, but we want to make sure that each dog that enters our facility is set up for success. This is done by starting every new daycare and boarding dog with an evaluation.

Daycare Evaluations

Dog owners interested in enrolling their pet in ALC’s doggy daycare should arrange to drop off their furry friend for a minimum of two to three hours for a trial date. It is advisable to choose a day when you have some flexibility in your schedule, so that you can pick up your dog in the event that he or she fails to meet our standards for daycare. During your pet’s time with us, we will gradually introduce them to the other dogs in our pack and allow them to play in both indoor and outdoor areas. This will give us an opportunity to observe how well your dog assimilates into our daily daycare routine and interacts with other dogs, regardless of size. Our trained staff members will also evaluate how your dog responds to them. Upon the conclusion of the visit, we will provide feedback on your dog’s behavior. Dogs that adapt well to the daycare environment are welcome to stay for a full day trial. Once your dog successfully passes our evaluation, we will confirm that they can return for daycare as often as you need.

Please visit our daycare page for more detailed information.

Boarding Evaluations

Before your dog can spend the night with us, we require a preliminary overnight trial for your pup to become familiar with our facility, staff, and routine. This serves a twofold purpose: firstly, to make your pet feel at ease when they come back for a longer stay; and secondly, to assess their suitability for open boarding. We strive to maintain courteous relations with our neighbors, so we need to ensure your dog can sleep peacefully through the night. Our staff charges a modest fee for the evaluation process. You can find more information on our boarding page regarding rates and service.