Client Contract

All clients are subject to the following client agreement when utilizing services provided by Animal Loving Care.


I understand that every animal behaves differently out of his/her home environment, when interacting with other animals/people, and/or while being groomed. By signing below I acknowledge that any injury to my pet caused by other animals or any injury caused to humans or other animals by my pet while using ALC’s services are my own responsibility. I further affirm that I will always inform ALC of any unusual difficulties or conditions my pet may be experiencing prior to service being rendered. I understand that it is my responsibility to keep my and my emergency contacts’ information up-to-date with ALC so that someone can be reached in the event of illness or emergency. Should I/my emergency contacts be unreachable during an emergency event, I authorize and will be financially responsible for all medical costs for my pet and give ALC permission to make decisions for my pet on my behalf.

I am aware that my dog must be up-to-date on rabies, distemper (dhpp) and bordetella vaccinations, and that cats must be current on rabies unless medically exempt. I understand that my dog may still develop contagious illness such as cold/flu or gastrointestinal viruses due to socialization even if vaccinated. I also understand that if I am unable to provide required vaccination documentation by the time of my pet’s arrival and have not canceled any reservations, I will be turned away and held responsible for any applicable same-day cancellation fees. 

ALC reserves the right to charge additional fees for services considered above the norm covered by standard rates. ALC also reserves the right to refuse service to customers whose pet may pose a threat to the staff or other pets left in their care, whether it be a behavioral or health concern. I agree to be responsible for any property damages caused by my pet.

Daycare & Boarding

I understand that if my dog is engaging in group play through ALC’s daycare or boarding services, scratches, scrapes and play-related bite marks are possible and that after-care, including any vet visits, is solely my responsibility. I understand that even if my pet has passed an initial temperament evaluation at ALC, behavioral changes can occur over time and there is no long-term guarantee of acceptance into ALC’s dog daycare or boarding service. I understand that ALC uses crates/separated areas for feeding, nap time, and time-outs. I understand that daycare packages are non-refundable and should I move or lapse on a package, I will not be refunded. I understand it is my responsibility to provide adequate portions of food and/or medications and will be charged per meal if alternate food is required; further, I understand that a change in diet can result in gastrointestinal upset in my pet.


I understand that while grooming is a skilled profession and ALC will make every effort to provide a gentle, injury-free groom, if my pet should react suddenly while sharp objects are in use, there is a risk of nicks, cuts, or other injury. I understand that I must inform ALC if my pet has any medical conditions, sensitivities, bodily changes, or behavioral issues that could cause injury, irritation, infection or harm to the animal or groomer and am fully liable for any resulting effects should I neglect to do so. ALC will not be held responsible for clipper-burn and/or minor nicks resulting from grooming of matted, neglected coats or for irritation caused by removing coat from pets possessing skin allergies or sensitivities, nor will ALC be held responsible for stressful effects grooming may have. I understand that if my dog presents as matted beyond what the groomer deems as safe to de-matt, my pet will need to be shaved and if I choose not to move forward with the groom due to this, will be held responsible for a same-day cancellation fee. If ear infection is suspected before or after the groom, it is solely my responsibility to seek veterinary care. If the groomer deems it necessary to muzzle my pet for safety reasons, I accept this. I understand that should my pet bite and do significant damage to the groomer, I will be held responsible for medical coverage. I understand that if my pet presents with fleas and/or ticks, flea/tick treatment will be a mandatory add-on to the service. I understand that there is NO GUARANTEE on timing and that the groom service may vary in length of time depending on my pet’s current coat condition, behavior and the groomer working on my pet. 

Cancellation & No Show Policy:

We love spending time with your pet. It’s fun! When someone doesn’t show up for their appointment, it’s not fun. Our staff is booked by appointment, and it prevents us from booking other customers. Clients who do not show up or cancel with less than fair notice will be responsible for the following fees:

* Dog Walking: less than 12 hrs notice – full cost of walk

* Grooming: less than 24 hrs notice – $50.00, No-Show: full groom amount, More than 15 mins late: $15 (there is no guarantee we can fit you beyond this point)

* Boarding: less than 72 hrs (3 days) notice, full day amount ($65, $70 or 75)    

I understand the cancellation policies and will be responsible for payment.

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