When you have to be away overnight, let your dog enjoy a fun-filled vacation at Animal Loving Care. Your pet will enjoy our homey accommodations and a slumber-party style night with canine friends and a human caretaker. We are staffed 24/7! Daycare is included in the daily rate.


Our facility is set up for your dog to spend the night with our overnight staff member and canine companion, on a comfy dog bed, or in a separate suite space or crate if they are more likely to settle that way. If your dog is trained to sleep in a crate at night or simply prefers it, we will utilize this option. During especially busy times, we may select shy, sensitive or nervous dogs to spend the night at an insured staff member’s home rather than in the facility; this helps us to ensure the dog’s comfort and reduces the demand on our overnight staff. Similarly, on nights when we have two or fewer dogs booked for boarding, your pup may spend an overnight at a staff member’s home and return to our facility in the morning.

Plan to bring your dog in with a collar and leash/any walking equipment you use as well as regular food and any medications. You do not need to bring bowls or toys as we do not share these items and have plenty of our own. You are welcome to bring a small comfort item such as a blanket if it will make your dog more comfortable, but do be advised that other dogs may try to use it, too!

Small dogs will join our "littles" pack and are generally 30 lbs and under.
Breeds/breed mixes may include: shihtzu, chihuahua, bichon frise, yorkie, maltese, mini poodle/doodle, small terrier, etc.

Medium/large dogs will join our larger pack and require more room to run and play.
Breeds/breed mixes may include: retriever, labrador, bulldog (french, english, american), shepherd, mid-size poodles or doodles, husky, etc.

If you are unsure which category your pup fits into, please contact us!

We strongly recommend against changing your dog’s food and like to keep them on their regular diet to prevent any digestive troubles. In the event of an emergency, we do have American Journey (salmon) kibble in stock.
The best way to see updates on your dog’s stay is to follow us on Instagram or Facebook(let us know if you have a handle that we can tag you in when we post your dog’s photo!). Please be patient: If you don’t see your dog in our photos right away, it doesn’t mean your dog is not enjoying his or herself — just that we’re focusing on taking good care of your furry friend! You can also feel free to check in by phone or email if you are not on social media and we will get back to you with an update.
Boarding dogs are let out into our backyard several times throughout the day with the other dogs who are in for daycare. If you would like your dog to be given a mid-day walk on leash, you may request one for an additional $10 per day.
In the event of illness or injury, we always contact you and/or your emergency contact immediately to advise you of the situation and to make decisions about next steps. Should your dog need urgent medical care, Animal Loving Care does have a working relationship with a 24 hour emergency vet. For less pressing matters, we will seek your counsel on whether you would like us to bring your dog in for a vet visit at your expense.
No, we do not. We find that cats are most comfortable in their homes and offer in-home visits where we can feed, change litter, and play with your cat.
Yes, your dog should be at least 6 months old (old enough to have all required vaccinations and be spayed/neutered). We also are selective in boarding dogs in their senior years. Our facility is small and caters to dogs eager to socialize, and we do not have a "quiet" section where older dogs can be separated from the pack. For these reasons, we do not accept any newcomers over the age of 10 and we watch how regular visitors are doing as they age to determine whether the environment is still comfortable for them.
To ensure the safety and health of your dog and our other guests, we have the following requirements:
  • — Dogs must do well with other dogs and humans. If your dog has any history of aggression towards humans or other dogs, ALC is not the right fit for your pup as we do not separate our canine guests.
  • — Dogs must be four months of age or older and on course with all required vaccines. Any new clients must be under the age of 10
  • - Dogs must be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age.
  • — Dogs must be vaccinated for rabies, distemper, parvo, parainfluenza, and hepatitis, (DHPP, DA2P, or equivalent) and bordetella. The canine influenza vaccination (H3N2 & H3N8) is recommended, but not yet required.
  • — Dogs should be in good health. Upon admission, all dogs must be free from any communicable conditions including fleas and ticks. All dogs should be using flea/tick preventative(s).
  • — Dogs attending daycare services must meet a minimum of three days per month to maintain status as an active client.
  • — Dogs must have been in your care for at least three weeks prior to attending daycare/boarding.
  • - A behavior evaluation must be completed at least three days prior to boarding
  • — Dogs must be brought to ALC with a collar that clips off easily (no over-the-head collars or buckles) that they can wear for the duration of their stay.
  • - A local emergency contact must be left for the duration of all boarding stays. Read the full policy on this.
Small dogs
(See FAQs for what we consider small/medium/large)
2 dogs from one household
10% off total
Dogs requiring special attention / puppies under one year
Special Holiday
(Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Memorial Day, Independence Day. etc.)
Add $25 to total
Trial (new customers)

Additional Details

Final price will be pro-rated based on total time from pick up to drop off. We ask that you give at least 3 days notice to change or cancel a boarding reservation. If you give less notice, we will need to recoup a portion of the stay's total per the below: 1 to 3 day booking: One day amount* 4 to 7 day booking: $100-$150* 8 to 14 day booking: $200-$250* Cancellation fee on holidays: 100% of full stay total due. *Outside of reservations taking place over major holidays and same day cancellations, this amount is applied as a credit to your account to be used toward future boarding stays. Shortening an active stay that includes a Fri/Sat night will be charged for those nights. Guests who choose to book are subject to cancellation fees regardless of weather/travel cancellations, covid/flu or personal injury.

  1. Sign up as a client (and be sure to send vaccine records in the format described!)
  2. Schedule an evaluation for your dog. If you're interested in daycare, this is a day trial. If you're interested in boarding, this is an overnight trial. You can request by emailing us.

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