Register Your Pet

Register Your Pet

To register in our system, please complete ALL FOUR of the following steps:

1. Click the blue button above to enter your information

2. E-sign our agreement form. When this is complete, the system will return you to the previous page & state that the waiver has been signed.

3. Click on the menu bar in the top right corner, and hit ADD PET to enter your pet’s information

4. E-mail us your pet’s vaccine records (you cannot upload them to our system as we need to verify they are in the correct format) The NYS health department is EXTREMELY strict about the format of vaccination records. Yes, this is super annoying for us too! Read below to make sure you get us what we need in one shot!

The following vaccines are required for any in-facility services:

  • Rabies
  • DHPP (sometimes listed as DH2PP)
  • Bordetella

The certificate must a) be on a vet’s letterhead, and b) contain clear EXPIRATION DATES for each vaccine. The RABIES vaccine info must also state the Lot #, Manufacturer, and have a VET’S SIGNATURE somewhere on the document per NYS law.

If you’re contacting your vet, please ask for “Vaccine certificates with expiry dates and a signature.” If your current vet did not administer one or more of the vaccines, you can ask the original provider for proof, or if that is not possible (because you got your pet from a rescue or breeder you cannot easily reach), explain to the vet that you need them to sign off on a vaccine certificate list acknowledging the expiry dates so that you can use a boarding/grooming/daycare facility. We can administer bordetella if this is the ONLY vaccine your dog is missing. Cats require proof of rabies vaccination only. If you send in vaccination records that are missing expiry dates and/or a vet’s signature on proof of rabies, we cannot consider them valid and will, frustratingly, be unable to have your pet in the facility until the documents are sent over in the correct format, even if your pet is up to date (grrr….)