Register Your Pet

Register Your Pet

To register in our system, please complete ALL FOUR of the following steps:

1. Click the blue button above to enter your information

2. E-sign our agreement form. When this is complete, the system will return you to the previous page & state that the waiver has been signed.

3. Click on the menu bar in the top right corner, and hit ADD PET to enter your pet’s information

4. E-mail us your pet’s vaccine records
(Please note: The vaccines should be on your vet’s letterhead, list clear expiration dates for required vaccines — for dogs, this is RABIES, Distemper/DHPP and BORDETELLA — and the RABIES vaccine must state the Lot #, Manufacturer, and have a Vet’s signature per NYS law. We cannot accept an invoice for proof of rabies. Please ask your vet to send you the certificate. We can administer bordetella if this is the ONLY vaccine your dog is missing. Cats require proof of rabies vaccination only.)